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Marker Examples.

I needed an example at conventions of what an A4 grey scale markers/ink looks like so I used Nexum from Wild Autumn.

An A5 marker and ink example
I used my character Aya which is from an Anthropomorphic Sword and sandals type comic that I have yet to finish the script but I still like drawing her.

I only offer these at conventions and occasionally on my Patreon.

May the 4th be with you

My two Star Wars OC as all the Star Wars animated series will always be peak Sci-fi to me.

Grim-Alkin a Trianii (official cat aliens) that is a dark/fallen Jedi archivist that becomes a reluctant Separatist.

Volt Norle nephew to Plo-Koon that survives order 66 and his pet loth cat Sha.